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I still can not imagine what happened, but it has a younger man I knew asked me to come and live in Spain, yer no probs - he and his partner and daughter. Then came and it was clear that the daughter was a child protected 18yo - I was happy to sit and watch TV at night with a cold Coca- Cola - while her mother went with my drinking buddies, etc. , on the second night they were here, they left and the girl (I'll call Sue) asked what vodka - I said, trying a little coke, so they did, it was then that I began to realize she was doing tube2012 a little Dutch courage - as she made about sex, now I'm an angel with blood, I was in a first lesson - I had always seen a tailno! well put your hand on this cute little angel - see above and below, the beautiful head came up to greet him, so she was there, my good tube2012 hand job, stopped me and said that it was customary to have an idea of ​​your body she nodded her bra and was soon on her tits virginin my greedy hands, sucking her nipples, the sensation was waiting in her panties, as she told me she was always a strange feeling wet between her legs, OH real treasure ! ! I can help, and my trigger finger was her pussy, before I knew what was wrong, so here I am now, with his hand holding my cock and sucked her nipples as she fingers that tight little pussy, tube2012 then began to arrive, had her first orgasm, pumped in no man's land, her pussy juices - my tongue licking the demands do not know how often it was the first night, but she enjoyed her first orgasm, he said, I gave him the good times with my mouth and tongue, and it was not for the girl, the same for the common man, and took my hand and thumb sucking, now that I said I want to have the same kind of suck to do so, and opens his mouth, and she never hesitated to suck cock, more gradually in the mouth as I held my head, I immediately said that you can tasteI like you and I tasted my cum in the mouth - is gagged a little, but he swallowed it, it tastes a bit like almonds, he said, suck me dry, I said and did. had another meeting on pussy before spraying an air freshener before his mother returned. The next night, she was ready to wear a skirt and top, no panties or bra, her mother in the cab just before she was naked in front of me was, now that gave me the opportunity to show that Sue put on a condom can make your love life, and after some nice fingering was shown how to screw in a condom, and we have a serious, I always thought you used an old bastard and dirty this girl, because pumped my cock hitting my balls right at them, I could not believe the amount of love juice produced her pussy races, with the deletion as I have the whole chicken in it was that both enjoy sex, and was eager to Please, will surprise you tube2012 with my semen in the condom, she sucked me happydry place and want to edit her tits while she fingers to tube2012 reject the offer of a hand job until he had recovered a little, the next night was great - tube2012 I could convince her that has tube2012 her ass fucked - only one tube2012 finger in the ass at night, but we had a good sex session, always tomorrow, as they say in Spain, I wanted to please, and agreed, anal next day was sweet and good lubber his hole - Number lub jelly and got into it, held it at first, but once over the bridge, took my cock, big shit rediscovered my love, holding her tits as I evacuated, began to enter the mood, went on to say that I went to fuck virgin hole, and tube2012 then I knew that I would refuse again, I removed it and turned tube2012 it spunking all over her tits, my hot cum in their settlement 34Ds, did a little tired and lips, then I have my fingers in my pussy and took her juices and licked my fingers, I could not talk more and her was in the hands of her pussy worked over and over again. We have our sex session on most nights, dining out with the couple twice in one night, my friend is well oiled and we to bed, Sue told her mother, and go to the bed, and together now that she left me for the first time in 10 days, so I thought give it a go - I said a couple of tasty birds, look at the cause difficult for me and put his right hand in my pants and took his hand did not feel my throbbing cock, took the number of drinks she had consumed all their inhibitions and slipped out of his clothes and lay on the couch in tube2012 his league and wide - that shaved pussy invited me, what a great fuck work the muscles of her cunt my cock, grabbing produce a tight cunt sucked me even then, when I played with her ​​big tits. Now, as you can imagine - they are so cordially invited me to visit at tube2012 any time, and bring 'Sue', well, sweet darling, as I say, it should not happen, butI did many things to masturbate in the memories and the six photos I have of 'demand' pussy run in a single blow with the sperm, which had a lucky old bastard
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